Trademark Law

Counselling and representation in the field of trademark law are one of the main focuses of our services. We can provide advance online information about the existing brand portfolio, but we also offer detailed trademark research through a partner. We guarantee trademark protection by national, European, or international registration of your trademark and assume the formalities of your registration, current monitoring of the registration, and defence of your trademark against third parties.

Sound knowledge of the industry enables us to detect infringements which are relevant from a point of view of trademark law, company law, or in any other way, and to promptly institute the required legal steps in order to eliminate the unlawful situation.

In addition, we give advice in matters of competition law and copyright law.

Among our services offered in this field are among others:

  • Review, development and registration of national and international trademarks,
  • Conducting the registration procedure,
  • Initiating measures in the proceedings for provisional protection of trademark rights,
  • Monitoring periods of protection,
  • Pursuing infringements and issuing warning letters for infringements, and
  • Defence against warning letters from third parties.

Moreover, we examine the contents of Internet presentations of competing enterprises on behalf of our clients under aspects of trademark law and pursue trademark infringements, if required.