Commercial and Private International Law

In the field of commercial and private international law, we offer our clients legal support with initiating business relations with foreign enterprises inside and outside of Europe. We are also at our clients’ disposal as competent advisors for all legal issues arising in already existing business relations in Germany or abroad.

Within the scope of our counselling services, we take the national characteristics of the respective applicable law into account and also include local trade practices. For this purpose, we maintain comprehensive correspondence relations with law firms abroad, among others in the following countries (extract):

  • Belgium,
  • France,
  • Georgia,
  • Great Britain,
  • Italy,
  • Canada,
  • Luxemburg,
  • Poland,
  • Switzerland,
  • Slovenia,
  • Spain,
  • United States (USA)

The languages for correspondence of our law firm are German, English, Georgian, Hindi/Urdu, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

We regularly represent numerous forwarding agencies and commercial enterprises in Germany and abroad.

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