Labour Law

Our labour law department is specialised in comprehensively representing and enforcing the legal interests of employers. In doing so, we support our clients with the preparation and implementation of operational personnel measures and with all issues concerning individual and collective employment law.

Our areas of competence are in particular in the following fields:

  • Drafting of contracts of employment and service agreements,
  • Drafting of severance agreements and notices of termination,
  • Representation in Labour Court proceedings,
  • Giving legal advice in questions on work permits and residence,
  • Counselling and representation in cases of labour relations law and the law concerning collective wage bargaining,
  • Giving legal advice in questions concerning social and social security law,
  • Giving legal advice with regard to insourcing and outsourcing,
  • Negotiation and implementation of social compensation plans
  • Giving legal advice with regard to transfers of ownership and transformations of companies, and
  • Human resources management.

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