Law of Succession

We provide legal advice to German and foreign private individuals in questions relating to succession. In doing so, we set great store on developing practice-oriented solutions that take the strategic planning and economic ideas of our client into account.

We represent heirs, persons entitled to a compulsory portion in an estate, and beneficiaries under a will in extrajudicial negotiations and in court hearings.

Among our areas of competence in the field of the law of succession are the following:

  • Giving legal advice with regard to succession and estate planning,
  • Drafting contracts of inheritance,
  • Drafting wills,
  • Depositing wills,
  • Giving legal advice with regard to, and settlement of the distribution of estates among coheirs,
  • Arranging and carrying out the execution of a will,
  • Applying for certificates of inheritance,
  • Representation in proceedings relating to succession,
  • Planning and implementation of corporate succession.

Among our clients was for instance one of the largest German coach companies. In the course of succession planning, we provided legal advice and prepared and handled the complete handover of the entire company to the following generation.

The lawyer Mr v. Moers is a licensed executor, co-author of the book ‘Erben und Vererben’ (Inheriting and Bequeathing), and has held seminars for UNICEF and other organisations on the subjects of the law of succession and execution of wills.

Your contact: Volker v. Moers