Formation of a Company

The decision on the legal form of a company has personal, financial, tax-related, and legal consequences. There is no such thing as an ideal legal form. Together with you, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages and try to find the legal form most suitable for your purposes.
If, for example, you should have decided to form an Unternehmensgesellschaft (entrepreneurial company) with limited liability (UG haftungsbeschränkt), you need to submit the following records and information:

  • a copy of your passport/ID-card,
  • Purpose of the ‘UG (haftungsbeschränkt)’,
  • Name of the ‘UG (haftungsbeschränkt)’,
  • Address of the shareholder and managing director,
  • Address of the company,
  • Marital status of the shareholder and managing director,
  • Amount of capital of the ‘UG (haftungsbeschränkt)’ (this is possible starting from € 1.00), and
  • Business account (the business account may be opened later).

Upon submission of this information, we agree your company name with the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce and make sure that the name of your choice is quickly registered in accordance with the regulations. We accompany you to the notary public’s office, and after registration of your company, we help you with registering your trade or business and registering your company at the tax office.

We offer these services at the previously agreed fixed price.

We also advise you in all questions relating to aliens’ law.

  • Your contact for residents and clients from the European Union: Volker v. Moers