Insurance Law

The law concerning insurance contracts is characterised by the ‘small print’, i. e. the terms of insurance underlying every insurance contract. This is where the insurance company gives written form to the rights and duties arising from the relationship of insurer and insured.

The law governing insurance contracts offers the insurance companies considerable creative leeway, of which they like to make abundant use. The result are rather extensive and complex sets of rules which impose considerable duties on the insured already during the contract formation process, and have surprising insights in store for the insured in the case of a claim. This is aggravated by an often rather ‘optimistic’ presentation of the desired insurance cover by insurance agents and brokers, and by excessive jurisdiction.

We would be glad to advise you with respect to the prerequisites and the scope of a desired insurance cover and represent you with the enforcement of your claims in the event of damage.

In the field of insurance, we have represented one of the largest German insurers for several years in Great Britain. As a result, we have been recommended also to the local insurance companies as a competent partner for the solution of any legal problems arising.

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