Banking Law

In the area of banking law, we represent, among others, the interests of investors in dealings with credit institutions. We also give legal advice in all matters relating to loans, guarantees, or credit collaterals.

Among our services in the field of banking law are the following:

  • Examining and enforcing claims for damages from investment transactions,
  • Giving legal advice with regard to granting and calling in loans,
  • Preparing financing plans,
  • Registering and cancelling of, and taking recourse to securities and guarantees, and
  • Negotiating with banks with regard to the repayment of loans.

In the field of financial services, we have repeatedly been concerned with the responsible management of real-estate investment funds during the start-up phase on behalf of clients. In this context, it was one of our duties to draft and prepare the required contracts.

In the field of capital investment, we successfully asserted and enforced claims of investors against credit institutions because of culpably provided incorrect advice with financial investments.

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