Law Governing Tenancy and Leasing

Our department for law governing tenancy and leasing represents the legal interests of lessors, property managers, tenants, and lessees. This also includes the enforcement of our clients’ interests in the competent courts. Furthermore, we support our clients with the review, conclusion and dissolution of the corresponding contracts and with settlement of accounts. Among our services in this department are also compulsory administration and all issues relating to the law on cooperative apartments and proprietary lease.

Our areas of competence are in particular in the following fields:

  • Review of tenancy and leasing agreements,
  • Drafting agreements to terminate and notices of termination for tenancy and leasing agreements,
  • Representation in proceedings related to tenancy and leasing law,
  • Reviewing annual statements of utility charges,
  • Reviewing leasing invoices,
  • Negotiating and enforcing rent increases,
  • Preparing and holding meetings of flat owners,
  • Conducting proceedings against resolutions passed at meetings of flat owners, and
  • Implementation of compulsory administration on behalf of courts.

In the field of the laws governing tenancy, we have continuously counselled and represented renowned Cologne-based property management companies. Among our clients are not only investors, but also owners and managing directors of local businesses for whom we have assumed the management of their property portfolios. As a result, we are entrusted both with questions concerning statements of utility charges and with issues concerning the law on cooperative apartments and proprietary lease. Regarding the law governing leasing, we have conducted proceedings against numerous banks in the automotive industry and were able to clarify questions of billing for agreements terminated within the agreed time limit or prematurely in a satisfactory manner for our clients.

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