Tax Law

Within the scope of our comprehensive strategic and economic counselling services for companies we take the interests of our clients in tax matters and under fiscal law into special consideration.

Cooperation agreements with tax consultants and accountants at the locations of our offices make it possible for us to guarantee competent and comprehensive counselling services not only under fiscal law, but also with respect to tax matters.

Our services in the field of tax law comprise in particular the following:

  • Counselling with regard to the formation of enterprises and changes of the legal form where tax law is concerned,
  • Structuring acquisitions and sales of companies from a tax-law point of view,
  • Arrangement of corporate succession from a tax-law point of view,
  • Arranging gift and succession matters from a tax-law point of view,
  • Counselling and representation in taxation and tax court proceedings, and
  • Defence in criminal tax offences.

Moreover, we offer the following services:

  • Drawing up balance sheet, annual financial statements, notes to the financial statements, and director’s report,
  • Preparing profit and loss accounts,
  • Current financial accounting,
  • Wage accounting,
  • Preparing self-assessments and tax returns, and
  • Drawing up business plans and calculations.