Privacy Policy

1. Consent

We do not collect any personal data on Internet users on our website unless this is allowed by law or the respective Internet user provides us data voluntarily – for example, by sending us forms.

Consent is recorded when provided in the case of voluntary transmission of personal data. We would like to note that Internet users have the right to revoke such consent at any time. We shall then be bound to respect such revocation in the future.

2. Type, scope and purpose of data collection

If we collect personal data, we shall only collect, process and use this data for the purposes for which we have provided notification in detail unless the collection, processing and use are due to a legal obligation, a government or court order, to satisfy legal claims or to defend against illicit events.

We only store personal data which is sent to us as long as this is required in order to fulfil the purposes for which such have been transmitted, but for no longer than period of time when the consent provided applies for, or as long as such has been ordered by law, government authority or court.

3. Recording of contents

Every time contents contained on our website are called up this is recorded for security reasons and for a smooth running. The respective IP address, the operating system installed and the browser of the computer placing the call, the contents called up, the data and time of day are all recorded. This informationen will be saved in a so called logfile temporarily. We never use this recording to draw conclusions to the identity of the user.

4. Security

We attempt to take technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from unintended or unlawful deletion or alteration and against unlawful transmission or unauthorised perusal. In the event that data is transmitted via the Internet, however, it cannot be ruled out beyond a doubt that the data will be perused by unauthorised third parties and altered or deleted prior to, during or after the transmission.

5. Use of our contact data

Usage of contact data published within the framework of the information set out in § 6 Teledienstegesetz (TDG - Teleservices Act) or contact data such as postal address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses by third parties for the purposes of transmitting information which is not expressly solicited is not allowed. We reserve the right to take legal steps against parties transmitting such information.