Collect receivables

Usually, high costs are incurred in the course of the collection of receivables which you will have to bear yourself in later judicial proceedings if you engage a debt collection agency.

We handle the entire debt collection process throughout Europe through the lawyers working at our law firm.

The lawyer’s fees amount to € 80.00 per mandate plus VAT and expenses; this corresponds to a gross final price of € 114.24 plus court fees and costs of execution, if any. These are calculated in accordance with the German Law on Court Fees (Gerichtskostengesetz) and the bailiff’s fees which may be inspected at the respective competent judicial department. In the event that higher costs should be incurred, we shall obtain your consent in advance.

We offer the following services:

  • Examination for insolvency proceedings or for institution of insolvency proceedings
  • Lawyer’s demand for payment to the debtor
  • Follow-up by telephone upon lapse of the period allowed for payment
  • Payment order against the debtor
  • Execution order against the debtor
  • Writ of execution against the debtor’s assets

This has the following advantages for you:

We charge the debtor on your behalf with the accruing lawyer’s and court fees. If he is unable to pay, there will be no costs for you!

Since our offer is automated to a large extent, it is subject to the following conditions:

  • Maximum of three claims per mandate
  • Debt level in total between € 500.- and € 3.0 million
  • You assign your claim to reimbursement of costs to us
  • The debtor’s main office is in the European Union

In the event that the debtor should lodge an appeal, we will be glad to represent you in the proceedings at the usual rates according to the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (German Law of Fees for Lawyers), or will forward the records to a colleague retained by you.

Our collection services are recommended by the Inkasso-Webkatalog (web catalogue of debt collectors).

The Standard Terms of Engagement and the Conditions for the Collection of Receivables apply.

For an enquiry, please use our Mandate Form.

In this manner, you can quickly send us all information we need to collect your receivables. Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will      promptly send you a binding offer with a detailed statement of costs. The amount of the costs depends on the services, the responsibility, and the liability risk in each individual case.     

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