General terms and conditions for clients

Section 1
All claims to damages against the opponents’ side or any insurance policy shall be assigned to the lawyers and tax consultant von Moers upon their being hired. Von Moers may inform the opponents’ side or the insurance company of the client of such assignment at any time.

Section 2
The liability of von Moers and the lawyer(s) and tax consultant working for a client shall be limited to an amount of EUR 1,000,000 if damage is not due to wilful, negligent conduct or violation of an important contractual obligation. A larger amount may be individually agreed upon as maximum liability upon the request of the client.

Section 3
Correspondence between the client and the lawyers and tax consultant von Moers shall generally be conducted by means of simple letters or by fax. The respective costs shall be deemed to be paid for with the expense charges as set out in § 13, section 1 RGV, no. 7002 VV. If the client desires to send correspondence by registered mail with a delivery receipt or by courier and such is necessary, the expenses shall be separately billed as these accrue.

Section 4
The lawyers and tax consultant von Moers are entitled to conduct the correspondence which has to be carried out with the client, including by e-mail if the client does not expressly object to this form of correspondence upon hiring von Moers.

Section 5
The e-mail box at the lawyers and tax consultant von Moers is not checked regularly, but at least two times a day. For security reasons, the telephone should be used in the event of urgent matters.

Section 6
Invoices from the lawyers and tax consultant von Moers should be paid within fourteen days after the invoice date. Von Moers may charge a processing fee of EUR 5 each for reminders or admonishments.

Section 7
The lawyers and tax consultant von Moers work exclusively on the basis of a separate fee agreement which the client is to counter-sign and return to von Moers. The lawyers and tax consultant von Moers can make their work on a case contingent upon the receipt of payment of such fee.

Section 8
If any parts of these terms and conditions are invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

Section 9
Agreed jurisdiction is Cologne, if the client has no place of general jurisdiction in Germany.