Law firm

The Lawyers and tax consultant von Moers consider themselves as reliable and competent partners for planning and implementation of solutions for legal problems and disputes. Due to the close and obliging contact with our clients we are able to take both their personal interests and economic and legal components into account in our analysis and counselling services. Together with them, we can then develop and implement the best practice-oriented and legally sound solution.

This gives them the security necessary for their future planning and the required freedom for those things that are really important.

Professional advice.
Provision of professional advice is guaranteed by the highly qualified and competent lawyers working at our law firm. Successfully completed specialist training courses, special knowledge acquired abroad, and of course regular continuing education measures are a matter of course for us.

An essential part of our work is the individual support services rendered by your personal contact. He or she will consult internal or external advisors, if required, to obtain the necessary specialist knowledge. Solutions to problems are usually developed in a team.

Take advantage of our knowledge and long-standing experience for your success!

We keep our work transparent for you. Providing you regularly with information about the state of the proceedings, even without being asked to do so, is a matter of course for us. Of course this includes that your personal contact can be reached easily. Tasks at issue are handled swiftly within the promised parameters. You will be continuously and comprehensively informed about the processing status.

We appreciate the high degree of trust you place in us and promise never to abuse this privilege in any phase of handling your case.

Last but not least, transparency of the fees due is an important criterion for us.

International perspective.
The Lawyers and tax consultant von Moers are networking also on an interdisciplinary level with numerous cooperation partners at home and abroad. We collaborate with tax consultants, accountants and law firms both in different European countries (e. g. Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, and Spain) and in the USA, Canada, Georgia, and China.

Our in-house knowledge of languages sure lives up to this international environment. In addition to English, we also offer French, Italian and Dansk as possible languages for correspondence. Russian, Turkish, Polish, and Spanish can be covered by our respective native cooperation partners.

We would be glad to discuss our services with you in person.